5600 Series

5600 Series

Pure Power & Performance

The MF 5600 Series provides a choice of three or four cylinder models so you can select exactly the right power, wheelbase, dimensions and weight to precisely match what you need for your farming business.

The new tractors set the sector benchmark for engine power and torque. It provides excellent manoeuvrability for hard work in the yard and in the field or on the road – a superb all-rounder!

Key Features

  • Horsepower - 85/130
  • Essential / Efficient / Panoramic Cab
  • AGCO Power Engine - 3.3/4.4L
  • Transmission - Dyna-4/6
  • Cylinders - 3/4
  • New models - three



ModelMax. hp*Max. torque**Transmission TypeEngine TypeCab Type
MF 5608 85 363 Dyna-4 AGCO POWER 3.3l/3cyl EGR Essential / Panoramic
MF 5609 95 405 Dyna-4 AGCO POWER 3.3l/3cyl EGR Essential / Panoramic
MF 5610 105 413 Dyna-4 AGCO POWER 3.3l/3cyl EGR Essential / Panoramic
MF 5611 110 468 Dyna-4/Dyna-6 AGCO POWER 4.4/4cyl SCR Essential / Efficient / Panoramic
MF 5612 120 502 Dyna-4/Dyna-6 AGCO POWER 4.4/4cyl SCR Essential / Efficient / Panoramic
MF 5613 130 545 Dyna-4/Dyna-6 AGCO POWER 4.4/4cyl SCR Essential / Efficient / Panoramic

*@ 2,000 rpm  |  **@ 1600 rpm


  • Engine
    • Three Cylinder - Economical, compact AGCO POWER three cylinder, 3.3 litre engines deliver 85hp to 105hp in the MF 5600 Series and combine superb performance with efficiency.The ingenious design of its electronically-controlled, common-rail fuel injection and superb airflow through four valves/cylinder, provides great performance and low fuel consumption while meeting the emissions limits.

    • Four Cylinder - A four cylinder, 4.4 litre AGCO POWER engine powers the 110hp to 130hp MF 5600 Series models. This advanced, electronically controlled engine employs common rail fuel injection, combined with high airflow through four valves/cylinder, to efficiently manage the combustion process to deliver optimum power and economy.The clever design means it requires just the addition of a maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) to the 2nd Generation Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to meet the strict latest emission regulations.


  • Transmission - All the three cylinder MF 5600 Series tractors – from 85hp to 105hp – are equipped with the Dyna-4 transmission as standard, while the more     powerful 110hp to 130hp, four cylinder powered models can be specified with either Dyna-4 or Dyna-6.
    • Dyna-4 - The impressive performance and efficient design of the Dyna-4 transmission provides unbeatable productivity, control and convenience, with completely clutchless shifting of 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds. Dyna-4 provides class-leading, simple and convenient control using either the left-hand Power Control or right hand T-lever.

    • Dyna-6 - Developed specifically for these 110hp to 130hp models, the Dyna-6 transmission is ideally suited to match the longer wheelbase and the four cylinder powered tractors’ exceptional versatility. As well as delivering the outstanding control convenience features for efficient loader operation, it also offers outstanding field-work features.


  • Cab - The high quality cab, is furnished to the highest standards with a large front screen for excellent visibility across the steep nosed bonnet. It is equipped with a host of features that ease your workload and boost overall performance.A choice of Essential or Efficient cab options means you can tailor your tractor to exactly suit your specific needs. Easy access to buildings is ensured with a choice of two cab positions and choice of Slimline, Visio or standard roofs.   Mechanical suspension is an option across the range and all four cylinder powered tractors can also be specified with a new front axle suspension system. Other options include air conditioning and a range of air-suspended seats.


  • Loader application - The MF 5600 Series tractors are designed specifically to provide optimum handling ability with the MF 900 Series loaders. The perfect combination - both are fully integrated at the factory to deliver ultimate performance.A host of dedicated design features make the MF 5600 Series the best in class loader tractors – bar none. Equipped with the exclusively designed, MF 900 loader range, the MF 5600 Series offers the ultimate in loader application sophistication.
    • Subframe and chasis - Design features of the MF 5600 Series ensure complete productivity. From the curved integral structure of the specially designed chassis and loader sub-frame to the easy connection and disconnection of the loader and implement. Each feature holds the key to a more productive, more profitable day. The loader subframe design is integrated at factory source to give you optimum performance and ultimately, the perfect all-purpose tractor.

    • Multifunction Joystick -The unique Massey Ferguson Multifunction Loader joystick has additional transmission functions such as forward/reverse and speed change for added versatility during operation. The joystick makes loader operation simple - operate the loader, change speed and shuttle with your right hand.

    • Clutch Effect - Placing the transmission into neutral can now be linked to the brake pedal. This means that with only one foot, the operator can brake and clutch at the same time, giving total control of the machine with only one foot. Making loader operation easier, more comfortable and safer all round.


  • Front Linkage -The close coupled front linkage design means that the tractor is compact, which aids stability and manoeuvrability, particularly when working on hillsides.Take full advantage of productivity gains when using both front/rear implement combinations. The front linkage has a 2,500 kg lift capacity allowing it to lift a variety of implements suitable for this type of tractor. At the touch of a button, simultaneous actuation of front and rear differential locks ensures maximum traction at all times, under all conditions.All 4-wheel drive models feature a centre-mounted drive shaft design for excellent ground clearance. Allowing the operator to get the most output from the hydraulic system, a range of auxiliary valve options are available.


  • Rear Linkage - The rear linkage has been optimised specifically to complement this size of tractor. It boasts an impressive lift capacity of 4,300 kg, meaning that heavy-mounted equipment can be lifted with ease. Fully adjustable lift rods and heavy-duty stabilisers provide adjustment for the correct attachment and setting of a wide range of mounted and semi-mounted implements.


  • Servicing -Straightforward and simple servicing takes the stress out of maintaining your tractor, leaving you with more time in the field.The cab air filter can be removed easily for cleaning. The waisted bonnet and front axle design ensures comfortable access to the engine oil filters and oil dipstick. The well proportioned cooling package is easy to access, clean and maintain. The engine air filter is also very easy to access and clean. Plenty of room to access radiators for cleaning thanks to the waisted design of the bonnet and front cast.





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