5700 Series

5700 Series

Everything you need to do a job

  • The renowned AGCO Power Engine for excellent reliability
  • Ultimate comfort for a more productive working day
  • Ability to work faster with the widest implements
  • Low cost of operation
  • Efficient drivelines bring higher productivity
  • Straightforward Fuse Technologies
  • Now available with Auto-Guide™ 3000 guidance system
  • The ultimate loader tractor
  • Low repair and maintenance cost






Key Features

  • Horsepower - 100 / 130
  • Transmission - Dyna-4 Dyna-6
  • AGCO Power Engine - 4.4 litre
  • Rear Lift Capacity - 5,200 kg
  • Common Rail Fuel Injection
  • Front Lift Capacity - 2,500 kg



ModelMax Power hp*Max Torque**TransmissionEngineCab Type
MF 5710 SL 100 420 Dyna-4/Dyna-6 AGCO Power 4.4l/4 cylinder Essential/Efficient/Panoramic
MF 5711 SL 110 468 Dyna-4/Dyna-6 AGCO Power 4.4l/4 cylinder Essential/Efficient/Panoramic
MF 5712 SL 120 502 Dyna-4/Dyna-6 AGCO Power 4.4l/4 cylinder Essential/Efficient/Panoramic
MF 5713 SL 130 545 Dyna-4/Dyna-6 AGCO Power 4.4l/4 cylinder Essential/Efficient/Panoramic

* @ 2,000 rpm | ** @ 1600 rpm



  • Engine - A four cylinder, 4.4 litre AGCO POWER engine powers the 100hp to 130hp MF 5700 SL Series models. This advanced, electronically controlled engine employs common rail fuel injection, combined with high airflow through four valves/cylinder, to efficiently manage the combustion process to deliver optimum power and economy.The clever design means it requires just the addition of a maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) to the 3rd Generation Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to meet the strict latest emission regulations.All after-treatment components are located on the right side below the cab so there is no impact on visibility or cab access. Ground clearance is maintained and fuel tank capacity and service access are not compromised.


  • Transmission - All MF 5700 SL models can be specified with either Dyna-4 or Dyna-6.These Massey Ferguson transmissions are renowned for their outstanding robust reliability with smooth and effortless operation, offering completely clutchless control via the left-hand Power Control lever or those on the right-hand console or armrest, as well as on convenient loader joystick controls.A new brake-activated transmission to neutral feature is standard on both transmissions. As soon as the brake is pressed it simultaneously operates the clutch. This eases the load on the operator, while increasing efficiency and convenience and is particularly useful for loader operations.To ensure smooth progress, Speedmatching is specified as standard on Essential versions to ensure that the most appropriate Dynashift ratio is automatically selected when range changes are made. Advanced AutoDrive is standard with the Efficient specification and an option on all Essential versions. Supercreep speeds and Comfort Control are also available - depending on model specification.
    • Dyna-4 - Benefits are:

    • Exceptional performance in the yard, field or on the road – 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds on one lever, all shifted without using the clutch. Speedmatching selects the best Dynashift ratio when shifting range.

    • Ultimate ease of use with left-hand Power Control lever, T-Lever or optional Joystick control

    • Convenient loader operation, with Comfort Control to set smooth or rapid shuttling

    • Brake pedal can be set to put transmission in neutral, for single pedal operation in loader work

    • Dyna- 6 - Benefits are:

    • Maximum productivity with 24 forward and 24 reverse speeds, without using the clutch

    • Power Control lever offers three functions in one – forward/reverse shuttle, declutch and speed shifting

    • Nine speeds in the Field Working Range

    • Brake pedal puts transmission in neutral

    • Supercreep speeds

    • Eco mode as standard

  • Cab - A workplace that you won’t want to leave.
    • Ergonomics – Everything you need in one place. The MF 5700 SL offers easy access to the cab via large doors and wide, well-spaced steps. All operating information is where you need it from the comprehensive dashboard and ease of use is guaranteed with switches in all the right places and all controls easily to hand.
    • Efficiency at work – Boosting productivity, saving time and making the difference with 360° cab visibility, easy access to the cab, plus cab suspension and seat options.
    • Essential or Efficient – Your choice! We offer you the freedom to choose your level of comfort and equipment to match your exact needs. Personalise your own MF 5700 SL tractor with your choice of engine, transmission, cab version and equipment.


  • Loader Specialist - The MF 5700 SL Series tractors are designed specifically to provide optimum handling ability with the MF 900 Series loaders. The perfect combination - both are fully integrated at the factory to deliver ultimate performance.


  • Hydraulics - Modern implements are placing more and more demands upon the tractors used to power them, with tractors asked to perform faster and sharper. The MF 5700 SL comes with immense capabilities, easily handling heavy-duty applications with outstanding lift and drive capacities for the very latest implements.


  • Power Take Off - Whether you are a contractor, running a dairy unit, mixed farming enterprise or family farm, the MF 5700 SL Series is designed to meet your everyday needs. Designed to handle the requirements of modern farm machinery and to deliver the workrates you need, the MF 5700 SL Series offers a wide range of specifications to excel in every operation.A range of PTO options and equipment offer fast, precise control whether the tractor is used for handling work or out in the field mowing, baling, ploughing, cultivating, spraying or drilling.


  • Agco Fuse Technologies - The on- and off-board technology solutions incorporated into the MF 5700 SL Series are a clear indication of the pace of progress and innovation set by Massey Ferguson. Information is power when it comes to getting the job done more efficiently and more productively. This is the reason why Massey Ferguson delivers straightforward and dependable technology solutions resulting in unbeatable ease of use, improved productivity and profitability through higher yields and lower input costs and greater profits.











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