Rotex Combi 700 - 703 - 800 - 803

Rotex Combi 700 - 703 - 800 - 803

Vicon Rotex Combi 700 - 703 - 800 - 803

Dual Purpose Rotor Loader Wagons

The new dual-purpose wagon takes capacity to a new dimension with its loading capacity of more than 80m³. The Rotex Combi 700-703 and 800-803 offer a high number of features like the new Innovative MaxiFlow pick-up system with hydraulic driveline, IsoBus control system, spring loaded boogie axles and largely dimensioned chain-and-slat conveyor for fast and efficient unloading.

The Advantages:

  • MaxiFlow pick-Up without cam track for low wear and smooth operation.
  • New hydraulic driveline of the pick-up with pivoting centre suspension.
  • 25mm wide input tines ensure efficient crop flow.
  • High capacity intake rotor with 800mm diameter rotor.
  • Pre-chopping system with 40 knives.
  • Easy maintenance - the complete knife unit is swung out for easy access.
  • IsoBus Control.
  • Spring loaded boogie axles.
  • Largely dimensioned chain-and-slat conveyor for fast and efficient unloading.


Technical Specifications:

  Load Capacity to DIN
(extended tailgate)
Load Capacity Medium Compression
(extended tailgate)
700 36.4m³ 72.8m³ 2.1m
703 35.2m³ 70.4m³ 2.1m
800 41.7m³ 83.4m³ 2.1m
803 40.5m³ 81m³ 2.1m


VI Rotex Combi 803_003
Vicon Rotex Combi 700 - 703 - 800 - 803
Vicon Rotex Combi 700 - 703 - 800 - 803
Vicon Rotex Combi 700 - 703 - 800 - 803
Vicon Rotex Combi 700 - 703 - 800 - 803




  • The new MaxiFlow pick-up features a hydraulic driveline mounted onto the pick-up, without the need for the traditional gearbox and chain drive that limits the flexibility in ground adaptations
  • The hydraulic driveline of the pick-up reduced power requirement by up to 15% compared to the traditional gearbox and chain drivelines.
  • The hydraulic driveline features a centre pivot suspension of the entire pick-up unit that offers transverse adaptation of +/- 100mm on each side of the pick-up unit.
  • The new 2m MaxiFlow pick-up is without cam tracks. The uncontrolled pick-up unit gives less wear compared to a pick-up with cam track steering.
  • The MaxiFlow intake system uses staggered tines on the pick-up, operation in combination with the roller crop press, to deliver a uniform flow of material across the full width of the chopping rotor.
  • Should a blockage occur in the intake system, the new hydraulic driveline allows the  possibility to reverse the pick-up to clear blockages in seconds from the tractor seat.
  • A pressure control valve inside the hydraulic driveline protects the entire pick-up unit from overload and damage, in case of the intake system struggling in heavy crop conditions or  when hitting a foreign obstacle.
  • Intake speed of the pick-up can be adjusted from the tractor seat, allowing the operator to customize speed to current swath size and forward driving speed.
VI_Rotex Combi 800 0009
Centre pivot suspension
roller crop press is standard
Hydraulic driveline of the pick-up

Strong Rotor Design

  • 25mm wide input tines ensure efficient crop flow with a minimum of power requirements.
  • High capacity intake with 800mm diameter rotor.
  • Pre-chopping system with 40 knives.
  • Theoretical chopping lengths of 38mm.
  • Individual spring protection of the knives.
  • The large 800mm diameter rotor is driven by the maintenance-free oil immersed gearbox that ensures trouble-free operation
  • Easy maintenance – the complete knife unit is swung out for easy access.
  • The complete knife unit is easy accessible for daily inspection and maintenance. The
  • chopping unit is simple lowered and swung out.
  • The knives are quickly released without the use of tools.
  • The 25mm wide input tines, arranged in a chevron pattern, move the crop efficiently towards the cutting knives without friction or crop loss.
VI_Rotex Combi 800 0007.jpg
25mm input tines
800mm diameter rotor
Knives are quickly released
Oil-immersed gearbox.

Boogie Axles

  • The new Rotex Combi is fitted with a four tonnes hydraulically articulated drawbar designed to bear even the heaviest loads when working with both grass silage and maize
  • The strong and very stable tandem axle offers smooth operation and is designed for safe and fast transport of the crop to the silage clamp or when working off-road in the field.
  • The Rotex Combi is fitted with parabolic spring loaded boogie axles. The asymmetric mounted springs and wide distance of the suspension ensures that both axles are balanced at any time.
  • This provides even weight distribution with load evenly distributed on all 4 wheels. This makes the Rotex Combi easier to pull, and reduces soil compaction and tyre wear when operating in the field.
  • The standard level of specification comprises a hydraulic brake system and XXL 700/50R 26.5 tyres, but will accept tyres up to 800mm wide, which significantly reduces ground pressure.
  • The Rotex Combi is standard fitted with steered wheels, improving manoeuvrability when space is limited. 
VI_Rotex Combi 800 003.jpg
Large XXL wheels 700/50R 26.5
Steered wheels
hydraulic articulated drawbar
Parabolic spring loaded tandem axles

Fast Unloading

  • The large dimensioned hydraulic chain-and-slat conveyor is split into two segments and features four heavy duty chains designed to bear even the heaviest of loads.
  • The scraper floor automatically disengages when the chamber is full.
  • Loading and unloading speed is infinitely adjustable and sensors warn via the control box when the chamber is full.
  • The Rotex Combi offers very fast and efficient unloading of the material. The large tailgate in combination with the adjustable speed of the chain-and-slat conveyor provides very fast unloading of the material so no time is lost.
  • The sensor controlled tailgate is operated hydraulically. The tailgate is mechanically closed and is monitored by two sensors, showing the position on the control terminal.
  • The Rotex Combi is fitted with three large diameter discharge rollers, which are driven by maintenance friendly driveshaft, to unload the material in a uniform and even mat, reducing the need for evening out the clamp afterwards.
  • The Rotex Combi features heavy duty side walls made of galvanised powder painted steel plates. The vertical side plates move the material to the rear of the chamber, ensuring a full load.
VI_Rotex Combi 800 0012
Front wall can be folded hydraulically
... for driving behind the chopper
heavy-duty chain-and-slat conveyor

ISOBUS Control

IsoMatch Tellus Terminal

  • The IsoMatch Tellus is the new virtual terminal, offering two Interface screens in one terminal.
  • The large 12 ” easily programmable touch screen offers ergonomic use and is designed for long days of operation.
  • Due to the increasing number of functionalities that can be added to a machine such as cameras, the operator can use the loader wagon interface in the top screen and a camera display in the bottom
  • screen, to monitor the unloading process.

Focus Control Terminal

  • The Focus terminal is easy to learn and very intuitive, with focus on functionality and operating simplicity.
  • The Focus terminal is a universal control terminal which can also be used with other implements.
  • The Focus terminal gives you full control of all functions from the tractor cab are shown on a large and very clear digital display.

The following functions are operated with the Focus and IsoMatch Tellus control terminals:

  • Choose between manual and automatic loading function.
  • Choose between manual and automaticunloading function.
  • Cut and uncut loadings counter percustomer/field.
  • Service menu to adjust according to your personal needs.
  • Increase and decrease the slat and chain conveyer speed.
  • Working light on/off
  • Pickup down/up.
  • Drawbar up/down.
  • Tailgate close/open.
  • Knives in/out.
  • Frontdoor open / close.
  • Adjustment of pickup speed.
  • Pickup reversal.
  • Knives service mode (change knives).
  • Manual start of floor conveyor during loading.
  • Reverse of floor conveyor
Rotex 552
ISOBUS Control

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