Fanex 763C

Fanex 763C

Vicon Fanex 763C/763CD - 903C/903CD

Tedders with Transport Running Gear

The Fanes 763C/CD and 903C/CD are designed for low horsepower/low liftpower tractors. The standard specification includes a hydraulic border tedding system for your convenience. In road transport, tedder weight rests on the running gear, rather than on the tractor’s rear axle. The optimized oil-immersed driveline makes for a low input requirement, so you can easily use a small tractor and still work a wide working width - the ideal solution that saves fuel and running costs.

The Advantages:

  • Transport running gear for use with low lift tractors.
  • Maintenance-free ProLine gearbox.
  • Transport running gear for use with low horsepower tractors.
  • Central adjustment for border tedding – all set from the tractor cab.
  • Box type frame composed of two U-sections for extremely solid construction.
  • Strong design of the central unit allows high transport speed.
  • 10mm strong tines with 80mm coil diameter.
  • XXL rotor plate with a diameter of no less than 500mm.
  • Fast adjustment of spreading angle without the use of tools.

Technical Specifications

  Working Width Rotors/Tines Weight
Fanex 763C 7.60m 6/7 1200kg
Fanex 903C 9.00m 8/6 1400kg
Fanex 763CD
Fanex 763CD
Fanex 903C
Fanex 903C





ProLine Gearbox

Solid Design- Maintenance Free Operation

  • Gearbox does not serve as part of the main frame, but is bolted on. No strain is transmitted to the gearbox.
  • Permanent oil bath lubrication – no maintenance of the gearbox required.
  • Dust and water proof gearbox design. No corrosion.
  • Double bearing on both sides of the drive shaft for highest durability to withstand the most severe conditions.
  • Crown wheel and pinion positioned in one housing for very reliable drive.



Super-C Tines

Super-C Tines – Even Spread,Clean Job

  • Made from flat steel, the tine arms form a very compact unit with the rotor plate and utilize the force of the rotor plate for higher durability of the time arm. This makes a Fanex tine arm by far more resistant to any type of load.
  • The Super-C tine can be locked in three positions to customize the pickup angle to different conditions. For heavy silages the angle can be set more aggressive and for fragile crop a gentler angle can be chosen.
  • Made from 10mm shot-peened spring steel and a coil diameter of 80mm, Super-C tines add up to the most durable and flexible tine in the market.
  • Super-C tine with symmetric spring tines ensures efficient pick-up and turning of the crop. Tines with same lengths has the added advantage that load is spread evenly on both tines, providing longer life time.
VIC Tedder Rotor 001.jpg
Super-C Tines
Super-C Tines
Super-C Tines
Super-C Tines

Spreading Angle

Simple three-way adjustment of wheel height, allows the optimum spreading angle to be achieved according to crop conditions.

  • High-quality forage allows the optimum spreading angle to be achieved according to crop conditions, helping you to produce high quality forage.
  • Setting the rotors to the right spreading angle will considerably improve the spreading action, and speed up the drying process.
  • The mower swaths are neatly lifted by the tines and evenly spread over the full width.
  • Tines glide in a more uniform frequency over the stubble, so the risk of dirt being lifted by the tines is minimized.
Easy setting of spreading angle without the use of tools
The angle can be set in 3 positions

Heavy Duty Main Frame Design

  • Box shaped main frame with only one welding seam for maximum rigidity.
  • The frame design is fully enclosed at the top edge for maximum strength – an exceptionally solid design,
  • Double universal joints give smooth and efficient transfer of power.
  • Greasable pivoting points with large diameter guarantee a very strong and reliable construction.
Regreasable pivot points
Heavy Duty Main Frame Design
Heavy Duty Main Frame Design

Border Tedding

Keep the crop inside the field with border tedding.

  • Get the most out of your crop. With border tedding you keep the crop inside the field.  
  • The tedder is swung hydraulically into border position, conveniently tedding the crop away from the border line.
  • Border tedding is operated mechanically from the tractor cabin and is supplied as standard.
  • It only takes a few seconds to place the tedder in the right position.
Border Tedding

Border Tedding

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