Andex 804 - 844 - 904 Hydro

Andex 804 - 844 - 904 Hydro

Vicon Andex 804-844-904 Hydro

Centre Swath Rakes

Heavy Duty Rake
The Andex 804, 844 and 904 Hydro are heavy duty two-rotor rakes with working widths up to 8.0, 8.4 and 9.0m. They are designed for the toughest conditions and feature a high performance oilbath gearbox and a strong carrier frame. The hydraulically adjustable working and swath width and ability to make sharp turns of up to 80° are important features of the Andex 804, 844 and 904 Hydro.

Due to the Hydro axle Andex 904 Hydro has a transport height of less than 4.0m, even without detaching the tine arms.

The All-new Andex 804 with newly designed wheel axles provide a transport height below 4m, even with tine arms mounted.

The Advantages:

  • Working widths of 8.0, 8.4 and 9.0m
  • ProLine oilbath gearbox
  • TerraLink Quattro for perfect ground followings
  • Hydraulically adjustable working width
  • Active wheel steering with 80° turning angle for easy manoeuvrability.

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width Tine Arms Weight
Andex 804 7.00-8.00m 2x12 2065kg
Andex 844 7.60-8.40m 2x12 1950kg
Andex 904 Hydro 8.00-9.00m 2x14 2310kg


Andex 804, Below 4m transport height
Andex 844
Andex 904
Andex 904, below 4m transport height





ProLine Gearbox

  • The ProLine rakes feature a unique drive system which comprises oil-immersed pinion and crown wheels.
  • The fully enclosed design ensures full and permanent lubrication, and makes the entire system absolutely maintenance-free.
  • The hardened cam track is adjustable, and features a flat curve and an extremely large 400 mm diameter, providing positive guidance to the steel rollers, and promoting quiet machine running.
  • Aluminium bearing housings, with two integral ball bearings and wide support, provide solid and maintenance-free tine arm mounting.
VIC Andex ProLine Gearbox 001
Oil-immersed crown wheel and pinion reduces wear to a minimum.
Fully enclosed design ensures full and permanent lubrication.
Injection moulded aluminium tine arm support housings.


  • The rear carrier frame with controlled steering facility allows tight turns on headlands and loss free swathing, even in awkwardly shaped fields.
  • Even if the rotors are lifted on a steep slope, the steering system reliably counteracts any deviation.
  • The ability to make sharp turns up to 80° and the cross stabilizer in the headstock are unique Vicon features.
Active wheel steering allows sharp turning on headlands
80° turning angle.
Outstanding ground clearance in headland position.

TerraLink Quattro

  • Vicon rotary rakes are designed to do well-shaped and clean swaths, achieved by precision in every part of the raking.
  • The ground contour following ability is important to avoid dirt in the swath - especially in uneven field conditions.
  • The TerraLink Quattro system controls the rotor in 3 dimensions, with a unique combination of an undercarriage with 4 wheels and a specially designed rotor suspension system. This ensures superb raking performance, even at higher forward speeds.
  • Maintenance-free system - no pivots or joints to wear out.
  • Automatic rotor suspension, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Built-in pressure bias on front wheels prevents lifting and tine bounce.
  • Optimum ground following for clean raking at high forward speeds. All wheels are positioned close to the tines.
TerraLink Quattro is a maintenance-free system.
No pivots or joints to wear out.
Undercarriage with 4 wheels.

Hydraulically Adjustable Working Width

  • The Vicon centre swath rakes offer hydraulic adjustable working width.
  • This enables varying swath width, ensuring a perfect match to the pick up width of loader wagons, balers and foragers.
Narrow swath or...
wide swath.

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