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This month we caught up with J W HOBSON from Darlington

Business name:

J W Hobson


Farming facts:


Winter wheat

Winter barley

Oilseed rape



Kit List:

MF 7718 Dyna VT

MF 7618 Dyna 6

MF 6713s & MF956 Loader

MF 6130

Kuhn Combi drill

Kuhn Powerharrow

Kuhn 5 Furrow Plough

Kuhn Fertiliser Spreader

2 x Bailey Trailers

NH 376 Conventional baler

He-Va Cambridge rollers


What is your favourite job on the farm?

I don’t really have a specific favourite job on the farm, I enjoy most of the jobs on the farm. I think I would class conventional baling as my least favourite job but even then its not too bad.



What have you bought from Franks Curtis Ltd?

I have bought mainly tractors off Franks Curtis;

MF 7718 Dyna VT

MF 7618 Dyna 6

MF 5710SL

MF 6713s

MF 5440

MF 6130


Why do you use Franks Curtis Ltd?

I deal with Franks Curtis for numerous reasons to be honest, I have known David Franks for a few years now. One of the main reasons I use Franks Curtis is because the whole team are so friendly, whether its sales, parts or service everybody is happy to help. Although we take most things seriously its nice to be able to have a laugh with them too. They do make a brilliant cup of tea at shows too so I guess that could be a factor.



What has been your best purchase?

I would have to say the best purchase I have made is land.



What is your favourite tractor to drive?

Probably the 7618 Dyna 6. Its very simple to use and it’s the tractor I drive the most. It’s a very handy size of tractor but has lots of power.



If you won the lottery what would you buy?

I don’t actually play the lottery but if I did and I won I would have to buy another farm


What has been your most recent purchase?

I have just swapped my 5710SL for a 6713s, I needed a little more power and slightly more lift height which is handy.


What is your favourite dinner?

Easy……Taylors at Darlington. I get something called a ‘Joe special’, this is a giant Yorkshire pudding filled with roast beef, roast pork, lots of vegetables, chips and potatoes.


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Monday to Friday 8:00 - 5:00

Saturday 8:00 - 12:00




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